01 Dec 2023

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Sing! Sing! Sing! is an original concept featuring a small group of rehearsed singers who joyfully ease the audience into singing “all the songs you love to sing”. Complete lyric sheets were provided and each song is introduced with a brief and entertaining commentary.

Our American Composer Series, formerly at the Jazz Bakery at the Old Helms Bakery in Culver City, literally sang the praises of the songwriters of the 1930s ’40s and ’50s. Other programs reach back to include Stephen Foster (the “Spirit of America”) and forward to the present (“Academy Award Winning Songs”).

Other venues have included the The Moss Theater in Santa Monica, Falcon Theatre in Burbank, the Stars Theatre in Bakersfield and the Masquers Cabaret in West Hollywood. We presented sing-along programs for private parties, club gatherings and churches, as well and have traveled to other states, including New York, Connecticut, New Mexico, and Missouri, There is now an East Coast branch of Sing! Sing! Sing! and we are working towards branches in the Midwest.

The talented members of Sing! Sing! Sing! share their love and knowledge of the American Songbook and help others relate personally and aesthetically to this art form. The result is a musical bonding in a beautiful and relaxed singing experience.

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